Young Adults Group

We host a group of local young people who have set up their own organisation - Young Adults on the Rame Peninsula, or YARP - so that they can work together on activities that affect them. So far, YARP has done the following:

Worked on improved access to housing for young people, through training and contact with landlords (including our Trust!!!)

Employment, especially around creation of small businesses. Recent ideas have included an Outside Catering company, embroidery service and hand-made musical instruments.

Social activities. The group runs regular events, meals, fundraising for projects and music evenings.

The Odd Jobs service.  The group members are not trained professionals, but can do a wide range of small tasks. Recent examples include demolishing a shed, painting a door, pressure-washing a yard and moving a large bath. The young people generally charge something for their time.

The YARP group can be contacted via the Rame Centre.