Local Peoples Support

The Local Support work 

The Trust has been working hard on community support in these turbulent times. There are a small team of staff and volunteers who work out of the Rame Centre to offer support to local people with benefits queries, money worries, crisis grants, housing information and general support for those who find themselves isolated, vulnerable or need a little extra help.

Our Local Support Worker can help with a range of services and works closely with local agencies to find the right support for anyone who needs it. 

If you need to access our local support services contact The Rame Centre on call 01752 823909 text 07487 791432 or email rame.centre@thepeninsulatrust.org.uk or contact us via our Facebook pages @tptrustrame or @TPTCommunity

We are always looking for volunteers to make local deliveries, help with shopping for those who are isolating etc. if you are able to offer some time, please do get in contact on the numbers/email above - thank you. 


What else do we do? 

Community Information Point

In the Rame Centre, hold a wide range of information for this community, from bus timetables to lists of village halls (see our community spaces publication). We have a large display board and leaflet area for printed information, and we welcome details from any activity or group in the area - please bring us in your material.

Community Events at the Rame Centre

We regularly run events at the Rame Centre, either directly ourselves or by hiring out to other community groups. We do Coffee Mornings, raffles, sales (art, bric-brac, clothes), consultation events, exhibitions and project launches. It's not a big space but it is very central and very nice! Please contact us if you'd like to run an event here - we generally charge £20 - £40 depending on the idea.

Community Consultations

If we want to know what the community wants, we have to ask! Over time, we've become good at preparing and running Community Consultations, for ourselves and for others:

A survey of the needs of young people, involving 63 people aged 16-25

A survey on the needs of older people, 60+, involving 85 people

Events and questionnaires for the area's Neighbourhood Plan, involving 14 presentations in the villages and over 300 individuals

Supporting our neighbours

We are steadily building up our work to support those who need help in our area. The majority of our users are elderly people, but we don't restrict the offer by age.

The Help Group - We have a growing list of community volunteers who can help in many ways. Examples over the last two years include shopping, befriending, moving a TV, finding information, excursions and more.

These services are free - please contact us with your question, or come into the Rame Centre to give us your details.