The Board of Directors

TPT is run by a group of local volunteer Directors, elected by and from the membership at our Annual General Meeting. The Directors are unpaid and are not permitted to profit personally from their efforts with the Trust. We have a really strong Board, recruited from a wide range of backgrounds:

  • Debbie Patterson, Chair,  has recently retired, having sold her successful local business in the marine leisure sector. Debbie brings us a clear insight into business planning and development work. She is Treasurer of the local Methodist church.
  • Laurence Watkins, Finance Director, Laurence is a retired senior company accountant from the region’s largest employer, Devonport Dockyard. He has long experience of managing and reporting on organisational finances at the highest levels. Laurence brings great rigour and clear thinking to our work and ensures that our financial management is robust and correctly reported.
  • Sharon Lewis, Secretarywas born and bred in Millbrook. She has 40 years’ experience in the Civil Service, mostly as a manager, and has experience and professional qualifications in land law. Sharon has been a Millbrook Parish Councilor for 10 years.
  • Alex Huke has a background in public sector project management work. He brings us in-depth experience in the realities of public funding, its reporting requirements and operational details. He is a a member of Maker-with-Rame parish council.
  • Tony Phillips has been a keen supporter of the Trust from the start.  He Is a retired Finance Services Manager for Plymouth Library Services at Plymouth Central Library and helped set up the Cornwall Micro Library using his experience. He is a qualified Risk Assessor and brings this experience to ensure we have good risk assessment in place. 
  • Rebecca Ellis has lived in Millbrook for 19 years. She is a Benefits Caseworker for a Plymouth charity and has been employed by Citizens Advice Bureau. Rebecca also has experience in pharmacy and radiography, working for the NHS and the Prison Service and helping to run her family's pharmacy. She currently volunteers with the Trust as a benefits advisor and trainer.

The Board meets on a quarterly basis to monitor progress and discuss the overall situtation of our activities.  We have a monthly Executive Committee, involving our Chair, Finance Director and our General Manager.  This committee supervises the general operational work and deals with finances, project management and development proposals for the full Board.

Thank you to all our previous Directors for their time and energy in getting the Trust to where is today.