About Us

The Peninsula Trust is an independent Community Cooperative, owned and controlled by its members. Our formal registration title is a Community Benefit Society - the descendant of the old Industrial & Provident Society structure. We were registered with the Financial Conduct Authority on 19th March 2014.

All our Trustees, staff and volunteers are local people.  We have over 700 members.

We are not a charity, and therefore do not appear on the Charity Commission website. However, we hold "Exempt Charity" status from HMRC, which gives us the same tax privileges as a normal charity, and allows us to fundraise just like a charity.

We chose this legal structure for two reasons:

It allows for community ownership. Everyone who joins is a part-owner of the Trust; whether peoplehold £1 or £20,000 of shares, they get just one vote, they can also stand as an elected Trustee.

What we're trying to achieve?

Over time, we intend to become fully self-supporting from trading and rental income, acquiring assets - housing, workspace, etc - that people need, provided locally at a fair price. The income can then cover our running costs and make our operations safe from changes in government policy and lack of grant funding. We believe this is the way forward - but it will take time (years) so we realise that we will have to use grant money for launch costs and start-ups.

The Peninsula Trust is run by a group of local volunteer Trustees, elected by and from the membership at our Annual General Meeeting.  Find out more about our Trustees here...

You can read our full Society Rules, as approved by the FCA, here. Further legal documentation can be found on our Publications page. 


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